Finding A Plumbing Contractor When You Need Them

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A good plumbing contractor can respond to an emergency. While a lot of problems are common leaks, sometimes a pipe breaks suddenly and catastrophically. A plumber has to be able to respond immediately, especially if the homeowner cannot immediately turn off the water pipe.

It is a bad idea to call a random plumber who might not be familiar with your home. It is much better to have an available connection with a plumber who is familiar with a house and neighborhood and who knows how to respond to any major rupture in the waterline.

Create a personal relationship with a plumber ahead of any disaster. Make a list of questions to help you choose your family plumber. It is important to get in contact with a plumbing agency so that they can respond quickly to any serious issue. Being prepared ahead of time is the best way to minimize damage and keep the family safe.

Six Questions To Ask A Plumber

1) Is the plumber or company properly licensed?

Since pipes are attached to a public utility, working with them involves regulations and licenses. A person who is properly trained is recognized by an authorized trainee and as a minimum has the legal authority to do the work. This does not mean they are the best plumber around, but certification does ensure a basic quality.

2) What are the plumber’s other certifications and endorsements?

Plumbing is not a one-degree-fits-all industry. There are certifications for specific types of work. On top of this, professional organizations exist that ensure there is a minimal standard for people who sell their services. In other words, plumbers who have worked a long time want to raise the bar and only recognize other plumbers who meet their standards as a private organization.

3) Is the plumber insured?

A plumber working at your home might become injured. If they have their own personal insurance, then there is less likeliness that the homeowner will be held liable for any medical fees that result from an accident. Checking for insurance might seem trite, but it really can protect your family.

4) Inspect their credentials for their experience.

Anybody can put together a flashy brochure, but what tells us the list of customers and years in operation. An independent plumber can operate as a side business for years before going full time, but a company with employees has to have continuous work to stay in operation.

5) What is their public reputation?

There are plenty of ways to figure out what the public thinks of a particular company. One way is to ask other homeowners. Another is to ask the local utility company. If a business has done a lot of projects, the town service should have an opinion. Websites might also have reviews of established businesses. New plumbers barely have any public exposure, but small companies do depend heavily on word of mouth for marketing. Keep your eyes open.

6) Understand if they offer emergency services.

Some plumbers only work during the day, while other offices have plumbers that work night shifts to respond to emergencies. Some plumbers agree to pick up the phone in the middle of the night. When it comes to emergencies, make sure the plumber you work with can come at any time. Otherwise, have relationships with more than one plumber.